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Same Day Visa Service or Fast Track Premium Applications with UK Border Agency

The process you will follow when making an application at one of UKBA public enquiry offices. The processes vary slightly, depending on which office you attend, but the following is a general guide to what you can expect.

The times given are approximate ones for Croydon and may vary depending on the number and type of applications we receive on the day. You should allow for the possibility that your application may take longer. At Solihull, Glasgow, Liverpool and Sheffield your wait may be shorter than this.

Premium applications

Arriving at the public enquiry office
Follow the signs to the public enquiry office. (At Croydon, follow the signs to 'Appointments'.) You must have booked an appointment in advance.

If you are applying at Croydon, please arrive with photocopies of your supporting documentation, and bring your original documents with you so that UKBA can compare them with the photocopies. If you do not do this, UKBA may take longer to consider your case. Photocopies do not need to be notarised or certified by a solicitor.

Security - 10 minutes
For your own safety, you will go through an airport-style security check. Your personal possessions will all be scanned, and any sharp or dangerous objects will be taken away. Please do not bring penknives.

There is nowhere for you to leave luggage. If you bring large bags, you will need to carry them with you at all times. UKBA strongly recommend that you do not bring luggage into our Cardiff office, owing to the size of its waiting area. There are lifts at the Liverpool office. At Croydon, lifts are available for the elderly, people with young children and people with disabilities. The Solihull, Glasgow, Cardiff and Sheffield offices are on the ground floor.

Reception - 10 minutes
You will be called to a counter at reception, where an officer will complete some preliminary checks on your application. Please have all your documents ready. The officer will tell you whether your application can be considered in the public enquiry office today, or whether you must apply elsewhere or provide extra documentation.

To ensure that you are prepared when you arrive, please look at the information on UKBA website, read the forms carefully and phone our immigration enquiry bureau on 0870 606 7766 if you have any queries.

If you are applying as a student under Tier 4 of the points-based system, please ensure that your education provider is a registered sponsor. UKBA will refuse your application if your education provider is not registered.

We will only accept original documents. Any computer printouts must be validated. For example, a printout of your bank statement must be validated by your bank (which means that someone at the bank must officially stamp and sign the printout).

If your application can be considered on the day, your application form will be stamped and you will be directed to the payment desk. At Croydon, UKBA will give you a ticket and tell you where you need to go. Please keep this ticket handy, as you will need to show it to both staff and security throughout your time in the public enquiry office.

If you need to obtain a biometric residence permit as part of your application, we will remind you that you must provide your biometric information.

Paying your application fee - 10 minutes
For information about application fees and how you can pay them, see the How much does it cost? page. You should ensure that UKBA will accept the method of payment you wish to use.

If you are paying with a credit card or debit card that is not in your name, the person named on the card must be present to authorise the transaction.

After payment, you will be called to a counter to have your application processed or (if you need to obtain a biometric residence permit as part of your application) registered.

Registering your case - 5 to 15 minutes
If you need to obtain a biometric residence permit as part of your application, UKBA will register your application on our immigration database before you enrol your biometric information. You will be asked to wait until you are called to the biometric enrolment booth.

Enrolling your biometric information - 10 to 30 minutes
When your case has been registered, you will be called to provide your biometric information. UKBA will ask you to sign an acknowledgement form, to confirm that you understand what you need to do. UKBA will then ask you to place your fingers, followed by your thumbs, on a fingerprint scanner. When your fingerprints have been recorded, UKBA will take a digital photograph of your face. You will then be asked to wait until you are called to a counter.

For general information about applying for biometric resident permits, the biometric enrolment process and customer journey, see our biometric enrolment leaflet (PDF 67K opens in a new window).

Considering your case - 30 to 45 minutes
At the counter, an officer will examine your papers and make a number of checks on our immigration databases. You will be asked questions about your application, and your case will be considered according to the current Immigration Rules and regulations.

When the officer has confirmed that your application can be processed, you will be asked to wait while your passport and documents are taken to another area.

UKBA will then notify you of our decision on your application. If UKBA approve your application, we will:

  • insert your residence permit into your passport (see below), if you do not need to obtain a biometric residence permit as part of your application; or
  • tell you that you will receive your biometric residence permit by post, if you need one. We will not give you your biometric residence permit on the day of your appointment.
If UKBA refuse your application, UKBA will give you the appropriate notice of this, and tell you whether you have any right to appeal.

UKBA continue to process applications until UKBA have seen the last customer, but UKBA lock the doors at closing time for security reasons. You will still be able to leave the building after this time.

Inserting a vignette into your passport - 60 minutes
If you did not need to obtain a biometric residence permit as part of your application, UKBA will:

  • scan your passport; and
  • insert a sticker (known as a 'vignette'), which states that you have permission to stay in the UK into your passport.
The vignette will include the photograph that you provided with your application. You will be called to a counter, where an officer will return your passport and documents. In our Cardiff offices your passport will be returned to your correspondence address by special delivery.

You should check your vignette to ensure that all the details are correct.

Issuing your biometric residence permit
If you did need to obtain a biometric residence permit as part of your application, UKBA will not insert a vignette into your passport. Instead, UKBA will send you a biometric residence permit by post a few days after your appointment. If you need to travel abroad before your permit can be sent to you, you will need to apply for a visa from abroad before you can return to the UK.

If you have not been able to book up Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 appointments please do let us know at the following link to make every thing easier for you in cost effective manner.

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Our immigration service is unmatched when it comes to SAME DAY VISA SERVICE or known as FAST TRACK PREMIUM SAME DAY SERVICE. We have five 5 permanent same day visa appointments with the UKBA each week on Thursday for indefinite leave to remain, post study work and others

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author's and not necessarily those of or any entity associated with This article is not checked for accuracy by any qualified immigration consultant or solicitor either represented on this site or otherwise. We will not be legally responsible for any statement made in this article. If you're going through the UK immigration process we strongly advise that you appoint a UK immigration consultant or immigration solicitor to deal with your case.


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