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Spouse Visa Interview Questions

If you're applying for a spouse visa and you were ubnable to produce sufficient documentary evidence to demonstrate that you have been in a genuine and committed relationship, you may be required to attend an interview. The intent of the interview is to demonstrate that you intend to continue living together after the settlement visa is issued.

A marriage certificate alone does not constitute sufficient proof.

In assessing your case, the UK immigration caseworker is looking for evidence that you and your spouse have formed a genuine marital and economic union. This includes providing evidence that you are/will be living together on a permanent basis, as well as jointly contributing to household expenses and sharing in social and economic comitments.

Spouse visa applicants must demonstrate to the consulate that they have entered into marriage in good faith, and not to manipulate UK immigration laws. If the entry clearance officer has doubts about the genuineness of the relationship, the applicants may be called in for a personal interview.

The examiner may interview the husband and wife separately to ensure that they give the same answers to questions. If there are any discrepancies between the answers provided, the examiner may not give the couple a chance to explain or clarify and the application may be refused.

This interview is therefore very crucial for the success of a spouse visa application and should be taken with the utmost of seriousness.

In this thread about spouse visa interview questions (7 pages, 69 replies), members of share information and experiences about spouse visa inetrviews and include a list of questions that can be asked during the interview.

The original poster, (markb_1984), writes:

Rather than pollute my personal thread with a digression into an important aspect of the application process, I thought I'd start a new thread which is dedicated to the subject of the interview for a spouse/partner/family visa.

I've compiled a list of questions taken from various sources which I will be ensuring my wife-to-be has rough answers to before her interview. I've not included the answers as they're pretty much individual, however where appropriate, please feel free to offer template answers or tips to answering the questions.

Please feel free to contribute either questions that actually turned up at your (or your spouse's) interview as well as likely questions that may potentially be asked in any interview.

The thread includes sample interview questions from various members and is a very useful resource for anyone applying for a spouse visa.

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