Announcement: Immigration Tracker (Beta) Now Live
We're pleased to announce the beta launch of the immigration application tracker. The tool can be used to track the various types of applications you undergo throughout your immigration process and can be edited/updated anytime by the member who created the record in the database.

Let's start making sense out of the UK immigration process. Add your immigration details here and provide us with feedback on how we can make it better.


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New version of EEA4 application form

The UK Border Agency has published a new version of application form EEA4. This form can be used by the nationals of countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to apply for permanent residence in the UK, if they are the family members of EEA nationals.

We have revised the form following a request from the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman that 'Section 6 - documents and photographs' be made clearer. The form now accurately reflects all of the documentation required to support an application for a permanent residence card.

The revised form (version 11/2010) should be used for all applications made on or after 30 November 2010. You can find the form in the Applying under European law section.

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