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Need Urgent Help With Set Dv Application Appeal.

Posted by Rashmin Patel , 28 June 2012 · 2,608 views


I need help with my SET DV application. I came to UK in 2004 on student visa. I got married to a UK citizen girl in 2009 and applied for spouse visa from India which took 7 months. Came back to UK in july 2010 on spouse visa. I used to stay at my in-laws after comming back from India. My inlaws were harressing me and also my wife. They took away all my belongings including my passport and degree certificates. One night they did not allow me to enter the house. Now basically they kicked me out and they still have all my belongings. I reported this to police but police does not do any thing. Now in the same time immigration peopler are behind me as well. I filed a SET DV application under domestic violence in Jauary 2012. I got divorced in June 2011. My SET DV aplication was refused by Home Office so I decided to appeal. My appeal was rejected as well. When I filled an application to go to Upper Tribunal via First Tribunal, First Tribunal refused to proceed my application to Upper Tribunal stating that the previous decision has no error of law and so they are not going to take it to the upper tribunal. Now I am really in a stuck up situation. I cannot go back to india because I will have to start ever thing from scratch and also in current conditions it will be impossible for me to survive in India.

Now what can I do in this case. Can I directly go to the Upper Tribunal without involving the First Tribunal? What chance have I got to succeed?

Please answer ASAP.

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