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Ilr Application ; No. Of Days Spent Ouside Uk

Posted by anasminai , 26 July 2012 · 2,018 views

Hi There,

I first came to the UK on 4th Oct 2002 on student Visa then after my graduation i switched to Post study work visa for one year and due to positive change in UKBA law i extended mt Post study work for another year.

After post study work I applied for Tier 1 and this year I extended mt Tier 1 general for another 3 years.

During my PSW and Tier 1 Visa I was employed full time in the UK.

During my employment i had to travel alot to europe for business trips , mainly short visits ( 1 day min to max 7 days).
this resulted in having number of stanps on my passport while traveling to europe, I looked into my passport and trying to calculate the total no of days but unable to get exact no. of days as its all faded and so many stamps all over my passpost ( in 2 seperate passports).

Home office requested details of each travel with dates which is little complicated in my case and my 10 years will complete on 3rd Oct 2012. Please suggets what can i do :

Should i get one letter from My work please to say that most of the journeys were for business.
or self certified lerret to home office as i was getting paid and were paying taxes in the UK during the period.


When I applied for naturalisation, I had surpassed the number of days allowed outside the UK in the final year prior to applying by about 30 days. The reason for this was that I had been posted on a large project being run out of Chicago during the latter half of 2011.

When applying, I recorded all of my travel out of the UK over the past 5 years onto a spreadsheet. I used stamps in my passport to determine the dates, and I also used my frequent flyer statements and boarding passes to assist where the dates were not clear in my passport.

I tallied the days outside the UK for each year leading up to the 5 years prior to my naturalisation. I further separated the days outside the UK into business travel and leisure/personal travel. The business travel was by some considerable margin the biggest cause of my absences from the UK.

I also graphed this, showing in the graph the number of days in the UK, the number of days outside of the UK on business, and the number of days outside of the UK for leisure, over the whole 5 year period. I did this quite deliberately - it made the absence in the last 12 months look smaller.

I then had my employer supply me with a letter which explained my trips to the United States in 2011 for the project. So yes, I would get that.

I also wrote a cover letter explaining why I had exceeded the number of days normally allowed, and asking for discretion to be applied in my case since the vast majority of my absences were on business. I pointed out that my role is an international role in an international organisation, but that my home was definitely in the UK and would remain so. I suggest you also write a similar cover letter.

It worked for me - I was naturalised in August.

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