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10 Year Long Residence Absence Over 540 Day

Posted by Momey khan in Momey khan's , 23 January 2016 · 527 views
10 year long residence absenc

Question absence

Q. I come uk 1 October 2004
My 10 year completed in October 2014
But I have absence over 540 days

My over absence finish 28 June 2016

But if they count from 28 June 2016 to back 28 June 2006.
Starting point second time I'm not in uk
But I have valid leave

Than my last holidays start

25 June 2006 to back uk 13 September 2006

My qu...


Visa Advice

Posted by wrtur in wrtur's Blog, 08 March 2013 · 1,470 views


Got married to a Turkish Man in Turkey and now want to apply for a spouse visa. Could anyone please help me with a list of things we have to do.



Require One Day Service For Teir 1 G Extention

Posted by KASHIAWAN in Require One day Service urgent, 20 January 2013 · 1,300 views

Dear All Valuable Advisers and consultants,

Could you pls help me to get one day service for my Teir 1 G extension, as my visa expires on 01-03-2013, as we need one slot for main applicant and three for dependents, i can go for from 11-Feb till 1-03-2013 (any Dates), and i am applying under self employed

Pls contact if u could help me for this



Marriage Visa Application

Posted by Bobby1007 in Bobby1007's Blog, 06 January 2013 · 1,804 views

I have Applied for UK marriage visa on 20th April 2012, up to now I only received confirmation of receipt from home office. The money was taken from my account within a week’s time.
I have a wife and a small kid who is now 2 years old. I have to look after my wife and my kid. My wife do work but it’s not...


Visitor Visa Versus Family Visa

Posted by nahidjan in nahidjan's Blog, 02 January 2013 · 1,398 views

Hello. I have my parents living in the UK and have full British passport. Also my son is residing in the UK on a DLR visa while studying at PhD level as a foreign full paying student. I have been coming to the UK since 15 years ago and now my visa is over. I am applying now to get visa to come and see my family in the UK from Iran. I was wondering if i ha...


Apply For A 5 Year Eea Residence Card

Posted by pantehas in pantehas' Blog, 23 August 2012 · 1,834 views

I received EEA family permit visa (6 months visa issued on 8th of August 2012, in Rome).
I am Iranian and have italian residence, My husband he is Italian and I am Iranian, we are married almost for 2 years.
This month my husband received a nice job offer and He moved back to London , start working in London now
I need to get my Residence card, to star...


Advice On Making A Complaint About Ilr Application

Posted by pixie12 in pixie12's Blog, 02 August 2012 · 2,139 views

Hi all!

I have been following this website for a couple of months and I am hoping some of you will be able to give me some advice on my case. I came to the UK in 1995 at 12yrs old with my family. I was granted 4 years leave with my family in 2001 and that ended in 2005. Before my 4yr leave expired, I sent my passport along with my families passport t...


Ilr Application ; No. Of Days Spent Ouside Uk

Posted by anasminai in anasminai's Blog, 26 July 2012 · 1,981 views

Hi There,

I first came to the UK on 4th Oct 2002 on student Visa then after my graduation i switched to Post study work visa for one year and due to positive change in UKBA law i extended mt Post study work for another year.

After post study work I applied for Tier 1 and this year I extended mt Tier 1 general for another 3 years.

During my PSW and Tier...


Need Urgent Help With Set Dv Application Appeal.

Posted by Rashmin Patel in Rashmin Patel's Blog, 28 June 2012 · 2,552 views


I need help with my SET DV application. I came to UK in 2004 on student visa. I got married to a UK citizen girl in 2009 and applied for spouse visa from India which took 7 months. Came back to UK in july 2010 on spouse visa. I used to stay at my in-laws after comming back from India. My inlaws were harressing me and also my wife. They took away all...


From: Eea2 Application For Spouse

Posted by Rastaman01 in Rastaman01's Blog, 12 June 2012 · 1,600 views

It's been 5 months since I applied for EEA2 .Is it possible to apply for provisional driver's license using COA letter plus birthcertificate and bills(for proof of address)

Source: Eea2 Application For Spouse


5 Yrs Wp - Redundency - Ilr- Rejection

Posted by lavrav in lavrav's Blog, 13 February 2012 · 8,832 views


I came to UK in 2006 on a 5 yrs WP with my wife & 2 yrs old son.I was working as a Branch Manager & my wife was a High school teacher, both having permanent jobs before coming here. We wound up everything in India & came here just b'coz we got 5 yrs WP. In Apr 2008 - I was made redundant from the job. The company informed the UKBA...


Tier 2 English Language Requirement

Posted by soma7474 in soma7474's Blog, 11 January 2012 · 1,142 views

I have got a job offer as an auto mobile engineer in a UK based company. I just got a quick query that when I am called for my TIER 2 GENERAL SKILLED WORKER visa interview would it be mandatory for me to communicate with the Entry Clearance Officer in English or not. I attached a letter of comparability for my English language proficiency from UK naric ag...


Legacy Case

Posted by hicham79 in hicham79's Blog, 21 November 2011 · 1,261 views

salam to every one

I came to UK on April 2000 claimed asylum in April 2000 refused in end 2002 . got married to an Portuguese national in 2003 and got my 5 years

visa in end 2003 and then our marriage broke in 2004 for some reasons my visa expired in October 2008 .

i have been working in the UK since 2004 and got all my p60s

in September 2010 I su...


Please Advise

Posted by Stephpa in patco's Blog, 09 October 2011 · 1,318 views

I'm in the UK on a EEA family member visa as being married to a European citizen. The marriage went completely wrong and at the moment I'm afraid with the way things are so horribly going, that the wife will call one day the immigration service to denounce the fact that we are not together. I've been in the UK since june 2004 and only got...


Please Advise Me

Posted by therbro in therbro's Blog, 23 September 2011 · 1,290 views

I need help in filing out my application for a spouse settlemeny visa for entry into the UK. Can u advise me if my spouse can sponsor me if she is on benefits. She gets DLA and cares allowance as she has a disabled child, also income support and child tax credits, She is a qualified teacher who had to give up work 4 years ago when child got sick. I was in...


Fiancée Visa Application

Posted by franciscn in franciscn's Blog, 09 September 2011 · 1,104 views

The fiancée visa was submitted on the 26th August in Manila .......we are now waiting!

We spent considerable time in preparing everything, with as much evidence of our relationship as possible included.


Uk Border Agency Frustration

Posted by mjg0011 in mjg0011's Blog, 05 September 2011 · 2,566 views

Has anyone out there experienced the pure frustration of trying to lodge a complaint or dare I say it, actually speak to someone at the UK Border Agency to question a decision or seek some advice? I am British. My South African wife and her son set up home with me in the UK in 2000 - we own property in joint names, have UK bank accounts, qualified for in...


Seeking Advice

Posted by emily1 in emily1's Blog, 01 August 2011 · 1,294 views

I am hoping someone could be of help with my situation. I overstayed for about a year in 1997 and left the UK voluntarily. I was married to a British national but never completed the paperwork so we are now divorced but have recently reconciled and want to get married again. I was refused entry about 7 years ago as my husband at the time and my answers...


Seeking Asylum

Posted by pesa in pesa's Blog, 31 July 2011 · 1,275 views

I have been in UK since 1996, during this time I had beeninformed that if seek asylum I will be locked up indefinitely bitten up andeventually send to my country. I managed to enter UK through the back of alorry. I was born in Somalia but lived in Kenya from age 5 but not a resident.I ran from Kenya as did not what to participate in stealing where I worke...


From: Ilr For Hsmp

Posted by whameed in whameed, 20 June 2011 · 1,382 views

I came to UK on 12/12/2006. Got my HSMP approvel on 18/09/20006. I will apply for ILR in Nov 2011. My question is what documents do I need to submit when I will apply for ILR and is there any requirment regarding my earnings ?
Can any body ready to help me ?

Thanks in Advance

Source: Ilr For Hsmp

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