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Current UKBA Response Time

Current UKBA service standards for processing UK visa applications.

    - 90 per cent of non-settlement applications within 3 weeks, 98 per cent within 6 weeks and 100 per cent within 12 weeks of the application date;

    - and 95 per cent of settlement applications within 12 weeks of the application date and 100 per cent within 24 weeks of the application date.

* UKBA defines 1 week as 5 working days.

Flr (O) 3878 Views -----

Application Title: Flr (O)

Brief Background: Entered the UK illegally in 2004 bcos of fear of persecution, attempted to return to home country illegal means in 2005 since my friend told me everything was fine back home so i can return bcos i do not intend to stay in UK cos of the hard life for illegal immigrants, but unfortunately i got nicked at airport, was sentenced for 6 month and removed from UK in same 2005. On getting to Home country, the persecution still on, so i returned to UK again in 2006 & contacted the police to ask help in how to seek asylum or i commit suicide, the police hunting me & put me in newspaper as wanted so to prevent me committing suicide. Contacted my MP and explained my situation to him. My MP advises me to make myself known to the police & assure me they would help me. I followed my MP instruction and i reported myself at the police station. Got betrayed by the police, they contacted the UKBA and i seek asylum. I canceled my asylum following day and asked to return home voluntarily in 2007. On getting to home country again in 2007, the persecution still on again so i have no choice than to return to UK illegally again in 2008 as UK was the only available means to fly to, but decided not to inform the UKBA of my arrival since they betrayed me the last time in 2007. Since my arrival back in January 2008, i've got 4 kids, 3 boys & a girl, but they were all born in Ireland but not Irish Citizen yet, but we not married. I changed my mind last year 2011 and got a solicitor for myself. I explained my case to my solicitor, my solicitor contacted the UKBA and they wrote my solicitor that i have to apply for FLRO through the FLR(o) form and pay the right fee.

Application Submitted by my solicitor as PRESENTATION to HO in January 2012
Application returned in January 2012 saying I need to complete Form FLR(O)
Application Submitted again to HO in January 2012 using the right Form FLR(O)
Application returned from HO again in February 2012 because application fee has increased
Application submitted again to the HO in April 2012 paid the right Fee
Home Office removed money in April 2012
Biometric Received 12 July 2012
Biometric done on 19 July 2012
Contacted my MP in August 2012
My MP required my case paperwork in September 2012
Case paper work sent to my MP in September 2012

My MP told me he will make representation but I need to be patient because he is working on many representation cases..

So Iím still WAITING
Waiting and Waiting..
Any hope? Should withdraw or WAIT?

Submission Date: 2012-04-16

Response Date:

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Application Outcome: Still Waiting

Copy of Application: Download

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